A Cut Above – Springs med:  

Cake Pop,  Cherry Diesel,  Garlic Breath,  GG #4,  Grape OZ,  Koko Puffs,  OG Sin,  Sour Diesel,  Sueño,  Super Sour Lemon

The Dab By Silverpeak – Courtesy Rd.:  

Bananaghani,  Big Bubba Diesel,  Grape OZ

RJJ Frisco:  

Cake Pop,  Koko Puffs,  OG Sin


Cookies N Cream,  Super Sour Lemon

Solace Meds – WR:  

Bananaghani,  Cookies N Cream

Emerald Fields – Manitou:  

Bananaghani,  Blanco,  Grape OZ,  Pancakes,  Sticky Buns


Garlic Breath,  GG #4,  Sour Diesel,  Sueño

Native Roots Colorado:  

Grape OZ,  Koko Puffs,  Super Sour Lemon

EUFLORA Gun Club Rd:  

Sticky Buns

Dabbington LLC:  

Blanco,  Georgia Pie,  Grape OZ,  Pancakes,  Sticky Buns

EUFLORA 16th Street:  

Sticky Buns

Native Roots Highlands:  

Bananaghani,  Cake Pop,  Cookies N Cream,  Grape OZ,  Koko Puffs,  OG Sin,  Sundae Float

Wolf Pac – Pueblo West:  

Big Bubba Diesel

The Herb Shoppe:  

GG #4,  Koko Puffs

LOVA – Colfax:  

Koko Puffs

Triangle (△) OG

First Cut

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