Cookies N Cream,  Georgia Pie,  Koko Puffs,  Pancakes,  Sticky Buns

NATIVE ROOTS Frisco – rec:  

Bananaghani,  Cake Pop,  Cookies N Cream,  Grape OZ

RJJ Academy:  

Cake Pop,  Koko Puffs

Native Roots Littleton MED:  

Cake Pop,  GG #4,  Purple Papaya Punch


Koko Puffs,  Wookie Fruit

The Herb Shoppe:  

GG #4,  Koko Puffs

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Trinidad:  

Grape OZ

Emerald Fields – Glendale:  

Cake Pop,  Koko Puffs,  Pancakes,  Sticky Buns

BUDDY BOY – York St:  

GG #4,  Koko Puffs,  Sour Diesel


Blanco,  Honey Bun,  OG Sin,  Sticky Buns,  Tart Pops,  Wookie Fruit

Solace Meds – WR:  

Bananaghani,  Cookies N Cream


Big Bubba Diesel,  Cake Pop,  Cookies N Cream

The Underground Station:  

GG #4,  Sour Diesel,  Unicorn Poop

Tumbleweed Carbondale:  

Bananaghani,  Grape OZ

Herbal Healing:  

Cake Pop,  Garlic Breath,  Grape OZ,  Koko Puffs

Wolf Pac – Pueblo West:  

Big Bubba Diesel

July 21, 2020

Cannabis company offers $25,000 reward for robbery suspected to be an inside job

Written by: Angela Stelmakowich

Nothing is certain yet, but the owners of the Veritas Fine Cannabis cultivation site in Denver believe a robbery late last week could have involved someone who used to work for the company or was very familiar with its operations.

Having cultivated in the Denver community since it became legal to do so, the company is offering a US$25,000 reward for “any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these criminals” seen on security footage.

“Let’s catch them before they do it again,” notes a Facebook post, which provides an email address for anyone with information.

Veritas Fine Cannabis supplies strains for Cookies, the brand of rapper and pot entrepreneur Berner, and has a licensing deal with Veritas in Colorado, according to Westword. “I don’t know if it was ‘inside’ in terms of being a current employee, but one of the individuals seen on the video knows the place well, where to go and what to do,” co-owner Mike Leibowitz told the publication.

“We have witnessed and heard stories from many colleagues about break-ins and robberies, some so severe that they toppled businesses completely,” the company notes in the Facebook post. “We can, unfortunately, now say that we understand how it feels to be a victim of this type of crime.”

Leibowitz told Westword that the theft appeared to be “very coordinated, so it tells us someone knew the spot well. That just stings. Money comes and money goes, but the idea that the person who did this is potentially still working for us really hurts,” he added.

Everyone at Veritas Fine Cannabis is back to work, the company reports. “We’re growing, harvesting, trimming and packaging everything by hand and look forward to getting back to normal.”