A Strain for Everything…ING

A Strain for Everything…ING | Weed Words

Whether it’s for running, gardening, cleaning, or doing anything else that ends in ING, I crave and desire cannabis. I adore “terpene” rich strains, such as Cherry Diesel and Stardawg. Depending on what ING I am doing that will determine what type of terpene rich high I desire. Terpenes are the flavor surrounding the plant. I believe there are dozens of distinct terpenes throughout the various cannabis genetics, each creating different feelings that could be unique to each users.

The Magical Plant | Discovery to Contentment

The word “stoner” was given to Cannabis users for many years because weed at that time really only had one effect: couch lock. In the past ten years in Colorado with the advent of medical and then recreational cannabis use, much more was discovered about this incredible plant. The fact that one plant could create different emotions ranging from energy to stillness, discovery to contentment, desire to satisfaction proves that we are only just beginning to understand the possibilities of this magical plant. We have proven without doubt the vast array of medical benefits as well as recreational enjoyments.

At 38 years old I can say I have used Cannabis for more than half my life. And each day living in its Mecca here in Denver I continue to discover more and more wonderful aspects from this amazing plant. It’s an incredible time to be a Cannabis fan, and knowing that there is so much more to come is the best part!

Choosing Your Own Adventure

In Cannabis Veritas | Weed Words

Hello cannabis connoisseurs and welcome to Veritas Fine Cannabis’ “Weed Words.” With words straight from the Veritas team, you will find the latest insights on the brand that has introduced some of the highest quality cannabis Colorado has to offer. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in 2009, we have learned a great deal about the best growing methods and best strains for any use. To us, cannabis is a personal experience that can be used to accentuate the best parts of life. We truly believe that great cannabis makes the good times higher.

Choosing Your Own Adventure | The Five Categories

Veritas Fine Cannabis established itself in the Mile High City in 2014 as America’s first recreational cannabis wholesaler. With the widespread legalization of recreational and medical cannabis, one can easily be overwhelmed by the abundance of different strains so we took the pleasure of categorizing them into five unique feelings: Invigorate, Invite, Innovate, Rejuvenate and Alleviate. Though cannabis has typically been classified by the three traditional categories of Sativa, Hybrid and Indica, we learned that connoisseurs are focusing more on the terpenes and other cannabinoids found in these strains, accentuating the feelings they provide. Everyone has a unique reaction to a strain giving consumers full range to test the waters and choose the best fit. The advances in the cannabis culture have allowed more and more strains to surface each and every day making it easy to find something you’ve never tried before.

Our line of Invigorate strains is commonly used as a daytime strain. It is typically recognized by consumers to provide energy and focus while producing a clear-headed mental, and often, psychoactive high. We love a nice Sativa-Dominant strain before hiking or heading to a Red Rocks concert. If you’re looking to relax your body while boosting your mind to enhance creativity and focus, you will LOVE our Invite strain category; a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. Some of our favorite invigorating strains include: Sueno, Super Sour Lemon and Cherry Diesel.

On the other side of the spectrum, our Alleviate strain category is great for relaxation as it produces a euphoric body high. This Indica is great for appetite stimulation, sleep enhancement and relief from pain and stress so grab your favorite snacks, plant yourself on the couch and binge watch your favorite show. Similar to this line is our Rejuvenate strain category which promotes feelings of an Indica-Dominant Hybrid. These rejuvenating strains provide consumers with a nice unwinding high sure to help calm the mind and body. Our favored Alleviate strains include: Scooby Snax, Banana Kush and Sky 600.

Our Innovate line consists of hybrids that provide the effects of both Sativa and Indica strains. It offers a mental, uplifting head-high to spark creativity while simultaneously relaxing and de-stressing the body. Hybrids lean more towards a specific dominance or a perfect 50-50 split. Some of our favorites are: Cookies N’ Cream, Birthday Cake and Veritas Cookies (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies).

Whatever dominance you decide to indulge in, it is always best to be in an environment that inspires or relaxes you. Cannabis amplifies your state of mind, so mindset is key. Enjoy the beautiful nature Colorado has to offer, get creative with art supplies or cook yourself a nice meal and enjoy the moment. In Cannabis Veritas.