We wake up each day with a passion for great product and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to ensure that our end product is the best on the shelf.  Because of this commitment, Veritas Fine Cannabis is hand-crafted throughout the entire growth and production process.  It takes longer, and is more expensive, but we think you will agree it is worth the effort.

From seedlings, we nourish our plants with premium plant food and attentive care, using proprietary genetics in order to protect our product from being emulated. Our team of experienced master growers work tirelessly to care for the plants, a meticulous process completed without any automation, resulting in buds with high density, richer flavor and more vibrant colors. The cost of growing Veritas marijuana is significantly higher than the average grow in Colorado, resulting in a superior product that is handcrafted and offers consistent effects each time for the consumer.

1. The Seed

When selecting a new strain, we start by planting up to one hundred seeds of a specific strain.  After a couple of months the plants start to show their sex.  Male plants are removed while female plants continue the journey.  The best plants originating from these seeds are called ‘Mothers’ and are moved to our mother room.  Eventually, these plants are cloned to ensure a consistent product moving forward due to the use of a specific phenotype for all clones.

2. Vegetation

Plants vegetate for 4 to 6 weeks as they germinate and grow through a labor intensive process of watering, manicuring and trimming.   Without automation, our cultivation team is responsible for closely monitoring each plant’s progress, ensuring each plant meets our high standards during this critical phase.  From clone to adolescent, our plants will quintuple in size in our nursery.

3. Flower

Plants flower for 7 to 10 days in articulately, atmospheric controlled environments until each plant displays it’s peak ripeness.  During this time, our grow team meticulously cares for the plants, allowing them to quadruple in size, becoming tree like while creating a budding canopy of rainbow colas.  This is the first stage where you will start to the beginnings of what will eventually become Veritas.

4. The Cure

Readiness for a harvest is determined by evaluating the trichome on each bud, or the crystal content that holds the active cannabinoids (THC & CBD). When the trichome appears to grow into an amber color, the plant is ready for harvest. All female plants will be harvested through the end of their budding cycle.  The flower can now enter a dedicated cure period, allowing the dense, wet plant to dry in the arid Colorado environment.

5. The Trim

After the harvested cannabis is cured to our standard, our expert team hand trims the entire harvest, ensuring each and every gram is good enough to be called Veritas.  The remaining portions of the harvest are packaged and sold to specially selected extraction companies (here’s looking at you Evo Lab…) to be condensed into oil, extractions and butters which will eventually hit the shelves of your favorite dispensary as wax, edibles and vape pens.

6. Packaging

Now comes the fun part, the packaging crew carefully weighs the end product and places into our unique packaging before vacuum sealing and sent to your favorite dispensary. Our partner stores offer Veritas in either a large format jars, or prepackaged in our unique bags, you can rest assured you are about to enjoy the best cannabis that Colorado has to offer.

Process March 9, 2016
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