Meet the Team

Tobias Ripsom
Partner: Corporate

Having established Denver’s premier medical cannabis cultivation center, the team behind Veritas is now focused on establishing a new category of premium product in the fast-growing marijuana industry. Though already a product in high demand as one of the top providers of high-end marijuana in Colorado, with distribution in approximately 10% of the state’s dispensaries, Veritas is now sold as a brand name with a portfolio of multiple strains.  Tobias (Toby) Ripsom is leading the team’s charge into mainstream commerce.

In 2012, Ripsom lost his father to a 14-year battle with cancer. Through his father’s fight, Ripsom saw how cannabis was a far more effective pain management tool, with fewer side effects than pharmaceutical options, and was grateful to have the treatment to ease his father’s pain. That experience shifted Ripsom’s career path from working in real estate and investments in Idaho, prompting a move into the industry after relocating to Denver from Idaho, and eventually resulted in his co-founding Veritas Fine Cannabis.

While Ripsom’s partners manage the cultivation center and quality of Veritas, Ripsom’s background in finance is key to handling the operations of the business. “As the marijuana industry grows in Colorado, and nationwide, there becomes a greater need to run the business as any other well-run corporation in other industries,” said Ripsom. “We take such great pride in our product, and through establishing Veritas as its own brand, consumers will have the consistency of always knowing they are buying our product, no matter where they’re buying it from.”

Hailing from Sun Valley, Idaho, Ripsom brings more than 10 years of financial and operational management experience to Veritas. His real estate and private equity skills assist in the compliance, regulatory adherence, expansion and entitlement aspects of the blossoming company.

Ripsom began his career as an associate in real estate management and investment and quickly accelerated to become vice president of development for another real estate firm. With these skills, Ripsom eventually became managing director for a private equity firm focused on real estate based acquisition and investments. Initially utilizing funds from his father’s estate to advance this burgeoning sector, he was subsequently able to apply his business acumen into the creation of Veritas, where he currently oversees all daily operations for the business and community outreach.

Ripsom holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business.  A former NCAA Division I skier, and graduate of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, he spent years racing throughout North America and Europe before falling for Colorado’s Front Range.  Still skiing when the opportunity arises, Ripsom is dedicated to yoga, reading and writing.  He resides in Denver.

Mike Leibowitz
Partner: Sales | Operations

Since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, Mike Leibowitz has had a passion for growing and experimenting with special strains of marijuana for both his own medical use and with the hopes of one day being able to provide a useful medicine for all ailments. Bringing years of hands-on experience with marijuana cultivation, Leibowitz plays a key role as co-founder of Veritas, Colorado’s premium handcrafted marijuana brand.

Alongside longtime friend and fellow cultivation enthusiast, Conor Scanlon, Leibowitz was able to begin his first medical marijuana consulting and cultivation business in 2011. Through the advent of this new venture, the pair recognized that they had a unique approach to cultivation. They had created a proprietary process, much different from that used by other growers in the state, that resulted in a product that was consistenly higher in quality. Refusing to automate any part of the grow process, the process takes longer, but results in an end product that tastes and smells better, while providing consistent effects for the user.  This passion and commitment is central to the process that eventually evolved to become Veritas Fine Cannabis.

Leading sales and account management at Veritas, Leibowitz is responsible for identifying new potential distribution opportunities and understanding the consumer, in order to expand the product offerings in a way that is will be most beneficial to the customer. Alongside Conor, Mike has also been able to focus on expanding upon the library to include unique hybrid strains. “Luxury cannabis is our art.  We pour ourselves into the process and because we are dedicated to using only the best methods, our product will look and feel the same from one harvest to the next,” said Leibowitz. “It’s easy to grow marijuana, which is proven by how many people are currently doing just that, however, growing a superior product requires daily focus and long hours to ensure success.”

Originally from the East Coast, Leibowitz studied Arts and Science at the University of Colorado. After working in real estate and finance for seven years, Leibowitz invested into his multiple real estate properties until he was approached with the opportunity to jump into the cannabis industry.

On his free time, Leibowitz can be found exploring Colorado’s breathtaking hiking trails, camping or sourcing local ingredients to incorporate into his recipes.

Conor Scanlon
Partner: Cultivation

Having witnessed the healing and beneficial properties of cannabis, Conor Scanlon has devoted his life to the pursuit of developing a more comprehensive and scientific understanding of cannabis. Passion, knowledge and experience have paved the way for Scanlon’s success as co-owner and Executive Director of Cultivation Operations of Veritas Fine Cannabis, Colorado’s first ultra-premium marijuana brand.

Veritas, the state’s first product based brand of consumer cannabis, strives to produce the highest quality strains of cannabis in the country, utilizing proprietary genetics and an entirely hand-grown cultivation process. “As this business grows, most producers are focusing on quantitative and distributive bottlenecks, inevitably resulting in a sub-par product,” said Scanlon.  “At Veritas, we pride ourselves in our growth process without automation, which allows for transparency in our plants’ origins and ends with a superior product.”

Scanlon’s primary responsibilities are to successfully design, assemble and install each piece of the cultivation facility. He also spearheads recruitment of new employees, along with onboarding and overseeing management and employees. Working with architects, engineers, and various tradesmen, Scanlon takes on the outfitting and compiling of extensive tools, supplies and cultivation components, which are key to the brand’s unique artisan process.

With consulting experience in the accessibility of medical marijuana to senior living communities and over a decade of various involvements in the cannabis industry, Scanlon brings knowledge from all aspects of the business to Veritas. Through several management positions at various grow facilities and private indoor cannabis gardens, Scanlon was able to perfect the art of growing premium cannabis and is now focused on perfecting Veritas’ state-of-the-art, artisanal process to consistently cultivate unique and high-quality strains.

Originally hailing from the East Coast, Scanlon met business partner Mike Leibowitz while attending high school in West Hartford, Conn. After attending Montana State University, Scanlon eventually settled in Boulder. Working alongside longtime girlfriend and Veritas’ General Harvest Manager, Valerie, the couple enjoys spending time outdoors while snowboarding, fly fishing, traveling and attending concerts.

Meet the Team July 6, 2016
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