6 Sexy Weed Strains That Will Make You Better In Bed

6 Sexy Weed Strains That Will Make You Better In Bed

As you already know, everything feels really, really good when you’re high, like shoving fistfuls of Cheetos in your mouth, listening to sweet tunes, and even improving how sex feels.

This is why many of us tend to get a little frisky when we toke up, because simply put, smoking pot heightens our senses, making it feel goddamn amazing to touch and be touched.

So, we’re here today to address something you’ve probably been wondering for a long time: which strain of weed is best for sex?

Along with the insight of the folks over at Vertias Cannabis, a little bit of research pointed me in exactly the right direction to find out which strains of weed make for the greatest sex you could ever have.

1. Cherry Diesel
If you want to get faded but still have enough energy to have incredible sex for hours, this is the herb for you. Providing an instant energy boost, this sativa will make you euphoric and lively, and will definitely make you want to take your pants off and get weird. And likewise, she’ll want to take her pants off and get weird, too. Everybody wins.

2. Strawberry Cough
As the name implies, this is some of that real shit that will make you cough up a lung even if you’ve been smoking the dankest broccoli for years, which isn’t a bad thing. I heard through the grapevine that coughing gets you higher, so there’s that.

Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa blend, giving you a relaxing, tingly body high, while the cerebral, uplifting effects slap a smile on your face without rendering you a vegetable.

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